SYR 120: 12” E Balance Bike. 24 Volts. 10 AH. 250 Watts. 5, 8, 12mph

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Size 12"

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Introducing the SYR EBMX Bikes, a groundbreaking blend of electric power and BMX thrill designed to redefine the essence of two-wheeled excitement. Available in 12, 16, and 20" alloy wheels, these electric BMX bikes cater to riders of all ages, promising a tailored fit for every enthusiast.

Pioneering the lineup is the exclusive removable battery system, enabling riders to seamlessly transition between long-distance cruising and lightweight racing battery designs. This adaptability ensures that each bike aligns with the rider's unique preferences and style.

Equipped with reliable disc brakes across all models, the 20" variant takes braking performance to the next level with a dual hydraulic brake system, elevating stopping precision for an unmatched riding experience. The addition of Moto-inspired plastic and triple clamp forks not only enhances the bikes' aesthetic appeal but also contributes to robust stability and control on any terrain.

Navigating through various skill levels is made effortless with multiple speed settings, each meticulously calibrated to match the size and age range of the rider. The SYR EBMX Bikes feature exclusive voltage and watts motors tailored to specific age groups and riding abilities, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

These bikes transcend the realm of electric BMX, embodying innovation and versatility. Join the electric revolution, ride with confidence, and discover the untapped potential of BMX with SYR EBMX Bikes.

SYR 120:
24V Electrical System
250 Watt Motor
10 AH Removable Battery
Speed Settings 5MPH, 8MPH and 12MPH
12” Alloy Wheels
Syndyt Directional 12X 2.125” Tires
Rear Disc Brake
Triple Clamp Forks
MX Style foldable Foot Pegs
MX Style Plastic and Seat
Syndyt 24V Battery Charger